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The compliance deadline has passed! The Ministry of Labour will now be enforcing this new Mandatory Training to Supervisors and Workers. It is our understanding that the MOL is not doing spot checks demanding to see proof of training. Rather, while they are onsite for whatever reason, the MOL will be asking if those businesses have complied with the training requirements. If the business is not in compliance, they may be ordered to do so. This training is mandatory, but did you know that businesses do not have to take the MOL training (on-line or booklet)? Read More

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Is your business struggling with how to achieve compliance?  To assist you, IST has developed a training solution that meets and exceeds the requirements of the Ministry of Labour. 

Click here for a course description of our worker training course.

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Occupational Health & Safety Act - Buy Your Copy Here

Every business in Ontario must have a copy of the OHSA posted in its workplace. Buy your safety book here! Only costs $25.00 + tax. The new book is easier to read (larger print), has great index tabs and includes new and pending Health and Safety Legislative changes that are in the process of changing. Click here to get a new copy of the OHSA  

IST ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - 2014

Thank you to Barb (our very own IST trainer) and Bruce Bolduc for the nomination! We are proud to announce that we have completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and have donated to the ALS Canadian Organization! We would like to nominate Rival Office Solutions Inc. and Ontario At Work Inspectors. Good Luck!


NEW Certification Training Standard

The Ministry of Labour has just publically released a new Training Standard for JHSC Certification Training. For more information and to see how it may impact your business, click here

Safe workplaces don't happen by accident.. Safe workplaces result out of a culture of safety within the workplace. To encourage and incite that culture of safety within your organization - here are 10 Workplace Safety Tips to follow this year. Read more!

UPDATE on NEW Working at Heights Legislation

Working at Heights Training Program and Provider Standards

There recently has been much media exposure and radio ads regarding the new Working at Heights Standard. Our office is sensing there may be some conjecture and confusion regarding this new standard. When you listen to the ads from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association (IHSA) they may give you the impression that they are authorized training providers of this new mandatory training program.

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The Ontario Ministry of Labour has published the 2014–2015 inspection blitz schedule under the Safe at Work Ontario initiative. These inspection blitzes are triggered by sector-specific hazards and characteristics stemming from the Safe at Work Ontario enforcement strategy.

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